Can humans stand an Aliens Invasion on Earth !

The question on weather Humans can stand if Alien Invasion happens is always stopped with another question that weather the aliens actually exist. Their existence has many times been proved through different sources and evidences by many historians. Their connection with our gods makes complete sense. Since childhood we have been hearing about out gods and their magical powers. What about the possibility that they actually are the aliens we are talking about. Maybe they were Alien beings who were too advance that they could easily fly in the air, travel in time, had better weapons. Gods of all religions have been recognized by their magical doings, most are about helping the mankind.

Human Evolution - Aliens

Looking at the complexity of a human body, how streamlined our organs work in coherence to each other. It is very hard to understand the evolution of all this. Guessing that some magic happened and the life was created, that is too hard to believe. How everything that a human body require to grow, to live, to produce is available right here only on the planet earth. The answer to that can be that this all was artificially created for the being that these aliens created. By now I am getting uncomfortable calling these beings “Aliens”. If they created us, they created all the beautiful things around they surely do have the technology to come see us on their own created planet Earth, they surely are not willing to do a violent Aliens Invasion.

Today human is running towards making the best of weapons to protect their own countries but none is actually considering the fact that preparing to fight with another few countries on earth might not be enough. And if they are our creators who can make us, surely they will have a very easy way to disable or make us vanish in a sec, they won’t need to do the Aliens Invasion in their own land. There wouldn’t have been a better idea for them to create a bring who is intelligent by himself and can make one whole planet a beautiful place. Now, the questions comes if they are too advanced in technology, why do they need such a time consuming plan to do something. This all will make sense if you just add this another assumption in the whole consideration. That is, if their 1 day was our 100 years, then possible right ?

You got any more thoughts that can make this sound more logical, share below in comments.

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