Do Aliens Exist?

Existence of aliens has always been  a hot topic of discussion between extraterrestrial researchers. By definition, an alien is a living being who does not belong to earth. They might be anything from a small insect, animal or a complete new race like human. Many believe or have a picture that this another race does exist on another planet in the universe. Some astrologers also explain the possibility of existence due to some historical evidences like the pyramids in Egypt by challenging the process with which these great structures were made. Besides all the belief, yet there has been no evidence found that simply can answer about the existence of aliens.

The question still remains, do aliens exist?

Researchers, after decades of work found no strong evidences for aliens existence. Right when they were about to reach the conclusion something very significant happened in the year 2015.  Let us take you through what is it that we call significant.

Do aliens exist?

Till now, life on earth was believed to be a few millions year old. Going with that statistics, researchers found the possibilities which lead them to only a limited planets where alien life could exist. And with the detailed studies they carried out, they almost came to the results that no such life exist. But in 2015, a fossil of Biotic life was found which was 4.1 billion years old. Now the question arose that if earth itself isn’t that old, how is there a possibility of having life before that.

The only answer to that question was, that this living being came from some other planet.

Does this answer your assumption of “Do aliens exist?”

Even researchers are not very sure right now, but this has opened a whole new world of work for the to come to a solid answer to this question, but this does make some believe on the first look.

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