Area 51 Aliens seen in Jan 2017

Most people around are only aware of one place about Aliens, Area 51. While Area 51 being the most famous for Aliens is not the only place where Alien sightings have been observed. Places like Puerto Rico and Sochi have had histories of connections with Alien beings. In the recent times, the conversations about Aliens have opened up more. With scientists working more actively on the subject, more data is available to prove their existence.
Flying has become very popular, with the latest technology we soon will find the other mates flying with us. Back in the day, when seeing a flying object used to be news in itself. But today, with thousands of air flights flying in the sky, seeing something flying is no more a surprise. How do we actually differentiate of whether it’s a commercial plane flying or an Alien Saucer?
Below is the list of 10 places where Alien Invasion have been seen, these the places which are not as famous as Area 51 Aliens but worth reading about.

area 51 aliens

Puerto Rico

Caribbean is known more for its beautiful beaches and the white sands. Puerto Rico is indeed known for its dates with aliens. After the night with colorful lights in the sky, this place has become very famous for the researchers.

Sochi, Russia

The last appearance of UFO in the region known to a lot of meetings with objects that have occurred in previous years, however, attention should be paid and other areas of Russia.

St. Clement, Chile,

Shiny metal plates were seen in the daylight in the year 1908. This incident was observed not once but many times by people and many people said it could be nothing but an alien flying machine from space. Also, another thing said by the residents was that one of the discs came too close to them and was made of metal.

Folders triangle, Scotland

Since a few years, residents in this place have reported sightings of aliens just like Area 51 that flying objects were performing some strange motions. Lights that could change their shaped from initially being spherical changed to elliptical were observed.

Latah, Himalayas

Villagers in this area have many times reported flying discs of different colors many times on separate occasions. This place is well known for the Hindu gods and many pilgrims visit this place every year, and five incidents have happened when these pilgrims have reported outside activities in the sky.

Mexico City, Mexico

In the afternoon of April 30, 1955, strange event happened in the sky. Seven different colored lights were observed by not one but many people at different places.

Erath County, Texas, USA

Most of the UFOs have been observed here in the United States. Many people, even the government officials claim of seeing flying objects in the sky which they couldn’t classify as an airplane.

With these in existence, Area 51 aliens is not the only place that has spotted them.

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