Alien Invasion will probably happen sooner than you think !

The name aliens have always been a mysterious character in each one’s life. We hear about them, think about them but with no idea, how they look, what language they speak, do they walk or fly. In most curious minds, these questions often try to find answers. But unfortunately, with all the info that is available, none of these questions ever get an answer. Neither do we have any research or any study to answer those curious minds about Aliens or Aliens Invasion.  But what we have is a compilation of some evidences that can be connected together to find answers to many of those questions. Maybe these can help you get closer to the answer.

Each one once or for more have had thought of alien beings and their existence but hesitate to ask these questions thinking they might be called silly. If a question on aliens crosses our mind we try to forget the thought itself. We discard them along a few jokes in a worry that people around might think we crazy. The only way to find an answer to a question is to keep asking it to yourselves. This article will open up your thoughts in the right direction. We will try to connect the stories that you ever heard to some facts that we found with our research. After reading this article, when you tell your friends about your thoughts on aliens or alien invasion on earth, they will sound more sensible than before. Lets get started now:

Do you think any of these questions below ever crossed your thoughts?

  • Are aliens the gods, we have been talking about?
  • Are aliens the ones who created us and the universe?
  • Are there simple algorithms coded by aliens such as “Good Deeds” and “Bad Deeds”?
  • Are there any proofs for an alien invasion?
  • Are Area 51 Aliens for real?

If these questions look familiar to you, then the possibility is you are also a curious human who wants to find out more about Aliens and their interaction with the humans.

alien invasion

First things first, let us try to answer the most basic question.

Are Aliens for real?

Aliens for a normal being is just a concept and doesn’t exist in real. But for any, who ever has tried to find out the facts this no more is a question, they are very strongly of the opinion that they do exist. If you are of the first lot, then after reading this article you will be fine to count yourself in the second.

Has Alien Invasion ever happened before?

With enormous evidence found about aliens existence, this is no more a myth. Things like Puma Punku, giant walls on Mars will make anyone come out of the doubt of their existence. The 15th Century paintings of Domenico Ghirlandaio shows a dog and a man very clearly looking at a UFO in the sky which looks exactly like an oval shuttle of aliens, the pictures also has Mary in it. Paintings of the ancient caves talk about the existence of alien beings as well.

Alien Mary

Very recently in 2007, at the Home Plateau, a rock formation was pictured. It was around 300 sq ft of an area near Martian equator.

Right after the researchers observed this, scientists started to hover over this at places on earth that look the same to understand if there is a possibility of this structure to be natural of made by aliens. After a lot of looking around, researchers found a similar structure near Chile. After research, it was found that this structure was made by hot water and micro-organisms. Conditions here are very similar to that are found on Mars. This type of structure is not possible without a human/alien interference or water and Microorganisms.

Alien Invasion on Mars

Most of the evidence that humans have ever found on aliens have mostly been of existence aliens on Mars. Earlier there also have been news on finding water on Mars. From the prospects, Mars is the most practical. The structures look similar to those on earth called stromatolites. These are made in wet weather during microbes collect on the surface. There then is a chemical reaction, and a limestone layer is formed. Another reason why aliens on Mars is a high possibility is that back in the day there was an availability of water and atmosphere. When in 2014 December, Methane gas bubbles off the ground raised another expectation of life. The connection of Methane gas with the existence of Aliens on Mars is because 90% of the gas on earth is Methane gas, it is obvious to expect the existence of life on Mars. Knowing this, we can say that aliens are not too far from us, an alien invasion can be expected any time. Each country is only focusing on competing with another, but are there enough discoveries made by them to have the human from an extra-terrestrial.

Area 51 Aliens and the myth

This place is in the Nevada deserts the sightings of UFO objects in the sky is usual. People staying around have seen these many times, but most of them were either forced to shut or disappeared. You must have also heard the stories of Planes that by mistake passes through this area. Pilots of many of these planes reported seeing some bright light passing at a very high speed near this of Area 51 Aliens. Most of these stories are not told to the world as this could bring a state of fear amongst people. There have also been recording of light going inside the underground unit, these findings shouts and says that there is an Area 51 Aliens force in that area. So, this suggests that the Alien Invasion has already happened. Additionally, you may have a look at Aliens Meme.

Spotted Evidences for the possible Alien Invasion

At times even Google Earth maps have spotted some unidentified objects in the sky. In such a huge universe, not everything is identified by our scientists, every second there is something new that happens in the space. It is left to the researchers on how they classify that event basis their previous counts. UFO is just a term provided to something which can’t be classified as what is it with an only condition that it is flying somewhere in the sky. Many free scientists who are not under influence of any government, writes about spotting UFO almost everyday.

Bob Lazar is a scientist who was studying “Area 51” for a few years. Area 51 is a military base located in Las Vegas. It has been said much time by many researchers that there has been evidence of alien crafts launching in this area. Bob has said that usually, these aliens ships don’t move unidirectional but in Zig-Zag motion. There was once a video released for aliens invasion which showed a light in the space, this light initially went in one direction at full speed and then made a u-turn to come back to the same original position. Many different types of waveguides were observed near these flying objects which helped the researchers track these objects more easily. Waveguides are the high-frequency signals which are much faster than normal radio guides that human uses today to communicate wirelessly. Many high-speed jets uses this technology to transfer ultrasonic info to another high-speed moving aircraft.

Many questions on aliens will never be answered; we hope you found answers to a few. If you have more questions, feel free to post below. We will try to answer to the best of our ability.

14 thoughts on “Alien Invasion will probably happen sooner than you think !”

  1. The logic of making the Pyramids of Giza is also illogical. This itself is enough of evidence for the existence of extra terrestrial on our planet earth.
    However, I like the reference of life and algorithm you have written about in this article.

    1. Egyptians were strong and they are the ones who have made the pyramids. I don’t understand why the whole world have issues in believing that.

  2. All the logic shown in Ancient Aliens makes complete sense. Giorgio Tsoukalos on his blogs writes facts which can’t be denied. He once spoke about the alien invasion and said Aliens are just imaginary creatures which none of us have ever seen. Maybe they also just look like us and we can’t recognize which of us are they.

  3. This aliens thing fascinates me whenever I hear about them, I think I want to meet the more than I want to meet my soulmate 😛

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